What makes us different from Sam’s Club? Learn about our competitive advantages once you ordered business supplies from us!

  • Employee Downtime
    Need to wait for 2 to hours to get those supplies from Sam’s Club? Not anymore! With GCBS, you receive them in real-time.
  • Work Compensation Liability
    In Gulfport, Mississippi, hundreds or even thousands of worker’s compensation rights are filed for lifting injuries every year. But guess what? GCBS hasn’t received any complaints since then.
  • Gas Fee
    Why do you have to pay $10 to $40 for gas per visit when we offer the service with 0% charge on gas? Choose wisely!
  • Delivery Charge
    Do you need the supplies immediately but worried about the delivery cost? If it’s complicated with Sam’s Club, GCBS makes it easier for you with zero fees on delivery.
  • Vehicle Depreciation
    At GCBS, we make sure that all equipment is working at optimal performance. From supply materials to service vehicles, we have them all set for you.
  • Times Product Handled Before Reaching You
    Your product can be handled six times from shelf to the supply room before it reaches you. With GSBS, we cut the process down to zero. We supply products directly from the shelf to your workplace.
  • Chance of Unavailable Products
    GCBS has all that you need! We don’t skip a beat in giving you everything you need at home or in the office.
  • Membership Dues
    Save that $25 that you used to pay per year as a card holder! Enjoy 0% membership fees with Gulf Coast Business Supply and save dollars annually.
  • Monthly Interest
    You’ll surely agree that 29.90% monthly interest is already a burden. Let GCBS lighten that load with our 0% monthly interest rate. We’ll highly appreciate if you pay on time.
  • Employee’s Unproductivity While Supply Runs
    Our people are exceptionally experts on what they do. We have trained them professionally in dealing with everyday stress at work.
  • Delivery of All Ordered Items
    We guarantee 100% delivery of all items ordered. Expect us to deliver the items at the earliest possible time.
  • Chance of Vehicular Accidents on Supply Run
    Driving along the Gulf Coast can be extremely dangerous. Thus, it takes a pro driver to be part of your team. Fortunately, we have professionally trained and experienced drivers who ensure 100% safety on the road.
  • Employee’s Commitment and Honesty at Work
    Have you heard about employees doing personal business while at work? At GCBS, our people are fully dedicated and honest with their work wherever they are.

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