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GCBS carries a complete line of Education Resource supplies and School Furniture. Our S. P. Richards full-line catalog has a huge section dedicated to educational supplies. The incredible news is that we have now teamed up with the nation’s leader in school and educational supplies, Educator’s Resource”. Now you can include every product imaginable in the education world along with your office supply order and receive them within 1 week with free delivery.

That’s right. Now you can combine your purchase order with school supplies from Educator’s Resource and your office supplies from us and receive free delivery with no minimum order! Your salesperson will be placing Educator’s Resource catalogs in your school’s business office and teachers’ lounge for reference tools. The item numbers can be entered into our browse field on our website to be able to view your already discounted price. Many of you have either used or heard about Lakeshore Learning and or School Specialty.

Educator’s Resource is their leading competitor that sells to dealers only so we can now compete and offer many of the same items that you are accustomed to buying from them. The great news is that now we can meet or beat their pricing and offer faster delivery from a local company!

Click here for our Education Products Online catalog to view our extensive range of educational supplies. We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of educators and students.

Price Match Flyer – Gulfport, MS

Price Match Flyer – Gulfport, MS

We are now the local source for school specialty items and educational supplies.

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